About Mazie's Garden

Mazie's Garden has developed over the years through hard work and love of gardening. We have been selling daylilies and hostas for the past several years. The Garden is on private property owned and maintained by a family of gardening enthusiasts.

People are invited to visit our Garden for a free tour. We are gardeners first, entrepreneurs second. We love to show off our plants and flowers, and talk about gardening with others that enjoy it like we do. We have rows and rows of daylilies, hostas, and irises. When they all start to bloom at once, it is really a site to see in person. You can check out our Facebook page to find out exactly when everything is blooming, or you can always call or email us.

If you can't make it to the Garden, you can always come by the Lincolnton Farmer's Market. We are there most Saturdays from April through July, when the hostas are big and the daylilies are blooming. We try to bring flowers when they are blooming, but blooming time is short for daylilies and irises. It can also be unhealthy for us to dig up and replant flowers over and over again. Daylilies and irises are planted in the ground at Mazie's Garden, and we prefer for people to come to the Garden and pick out what they want so we can dig them up while you wait. If you see something you like on our website, please let us know and we can arrange to bring it to you on a Saturday at the Farmer's Market.

We welcome visitiors to the Garden to see the largest collection of hostas and daylilies in the area. At very reasonable prices, taking home a piece of our Garden is a joy that will last for years. Come during our normal operating hours, or call to make an appointment. We are usually around and can accommodate most schedules.

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